About Windpower Offshore

Windpower Offshore is a dedicated news and intelligence service offering unparalleled access to information and data on the global offshore wind power industry.

Our team of international journalists and analysts have established close relationships with all the major players in the sector to ensure that every development is reported promptly and expertly.

Alongside daily news and analysis articles on the latest events and hottest issues affecting the offshore wind power sector, Windpower Offshore also publishes regular special reports covering specific topics and geographical areas. Additionally, we report live from the industry’s major exhibitions and produce webinars, business directories and other products tailored specifically for this burgeoning market.

Windpower Offshore upholds the same values of quality reporting, independent analysis and expert commentary that have made its sister title brand Windpower Monthly the key source of information on wind power for the past quarter of a century.

Alongside the top-quality journalism provided by Windpower Offshore, WPO Intelligence combines market data and analysis on offshore wind farms and development projects to provide developers, financiers and the offshore supply chain with the critical intelligence to help deliver business opportunities.

It tracks and updates details on more than 500 offshore wind farm projects and more than 2,000 companies operating in the offshore wind sector.

WPO Intelligence delivers real-time updates on wind-farm milestones and insightful analysis of the project pipeline, in line with the offering that has established Windpower Intelligence as a leading information service for the global wind power industry over the past two years.

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Your business requirements matter to us. We want to hear from you with your news, success stories, project contracts and any comments you have on our service.

Please contact us on editorial@windpoweroffshore.com.

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