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Model Rated power Manufacturer
2MW Hitachi
100kW 0.1MW Fuji Heavy Industries
2B6 6MW 2-B Energy
2MW 2MW Hitachi
3.0M122 3MW Senvion
3.6MW GE 3.6sl 3.6MW General Electric
5M 5MW 5MW
6.2M126 6.15MW Senvion
6.2M152 MW Senvion
AD 5-132 (formerly Gamesa G132-5.0 MW Offshore) 5MW Adwen
AD 5-135 (formerly AREVA Multibrid M5000-135) 5MW Adwen
AD 8 MW (formerly AREVA 8MW) 8MW Adwen
Adwen M5000-116 5MW 5MW Adwen
AMSC Windtec SeaTitan 10MW 10MW AMSC
BARD 5.0 5MW 5MW BARD Engineering
BARD 6.5 6.5MW 6.5MW BARD Engineering
CSIC H102-2000 2MW 2MW CSIC Chongqing Haizhuang
CSIC Haizhuang H127 5MW 5MW CSIC Chongqing Haizhuang
CSIC Haizhung H154-5.0MW 5.0MWMW CSIC Chongqing Haizhuang
DEC 2MW 2MW Dongfang Electric Corporation
DeWind D8.2 2MW 2MWMW DeWind
DSME 7MW 7MW Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)
EN-4.0 MW Envision
Enron Wind 70/1500 MW GE Energy
Envision E128 3.6MW 3.6MW Envision

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