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Search or browse for vessels and platforms used in the development, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, including jack-up platforms & barges, cabling vessels, heavy life and general work boats.

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Name Type Owner Country
20T Multicat CWind UK
Aase Madsen Dredger Peter Madsen Rederi Denmark
Abersoch Bay Workboat Turbine Transfers
Abis Dundee Workboat Abis Shipping The Netherlands
Acergy Discovery Cabling Subsea 7 Luxembourg
Acergy Osprey Cabling Subsea 7 Liberia
Acergy Viking SOV Norway
Acta Orion Workboat Acta Marine The Netherlands
Aeolus Jack-up Van Oord The Netherlands
Aker Wayfarer Workboat Aker Solutions Norway
Albanyborg Workboat Royal Wagenborg The Netherlands
Alix Workboat Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) UK
AMT Discoverer Cabling Augustea UK
AMT Explorer Cabling Augustea UK
Anholt Wind Workboat A2SEA Denmark
Apollo Jack-up GeoSea
Aquata Multicat GeoSea
Asian Hercules II Heavy Lift Asian Lift Pte Singapore
Askholem Workboat MMT Sweden
ASV Pioneer Accommodation Dalby Offshore Services Singapore
Atlantic Carrier Cabling Atlantic Marine and Aviation Antigua
Atlantic Explorer Workboat Atlantic Marine and Aviation Panama
Atlantic Guardian Cabling Atlantic Marine and Aviation Belize
Atlantic Pioneer Workboat Atlantic Wind Transfers USA

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