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Wind farm Country Est. online year Capacity Developer(s)
2-B Energy, Methil UK 2016 12 MW Forthwind Limited
Aberdeen Bay - European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) UK 2018 92.4 MW Vattenfall
Adlergrund 500 Germany 2021 100 MW BEC Energie Consult
Adlergrund GAP Germany 2021 195 MW BEC Energie Consult
Adlergrund Nordkap Germany 155 MW BEC Energie Consult
Aegir Havvindpark Norway 1000 MW OceanWind
Aegir I USA 500 MW Havgul Nordic
Scandia Wind Offshore
Aegir II USA 500 MW Havgul Nordic
Scandia Wind Offshore
Afefa Italy 700 MW Blue H
Aida Italy 308 MW Blue H
Aiolos Germany 2028 1182 MW wpd
Ajos (repowering) Finland 2017 42.4 MW OX2
Akita Japan 2024 455 MW Obayashi
Albatros Germany 2019 112 MW EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg)
Albatros testfield Germany 2019 116.8 MW EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg)
Alpha Ventus Germany 2009 62 MW Deutsche Offshore-Testfeld und Infrastruktur (DOTI)
Amrumbank West Germany 2015 303 MW E.ON
Andros Greece 306 MW Jasper Wind
Anholt Denmark 2013 400 MW Ørsted
Aqua Ventus I USA 2019 12 MW Maine Aqua Ventus

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